2017 Discover Dallas

This curated collection of no less than 19 brands represents the best of IBE Dallas. These amazing brands have crafted products that prepare you to take on every part of your day with beauty and confidence. We hope you enjoy these moments of indie beauty discovery. Check out the collection below.  As always, all products in the collection are presented in full-size or deluxe sample sizes

We are currently sold out of our IBE 2016 Best In Show Collection.

Included in this collection

Rise & Shine

Don’t hit the snooze button–the day is calling! We’ve hand selected these amazing brands to get you excited for your morning beauty ritual.

  • Clinically designed under eye treatments that repair late night damage and impede the signs of stress and aging. Mask is made of pure biocellulose that deliver a restorative infusion of peptides, hyaluronic acid, squalene, rose water, and vitamin E. (0.34 fl. oz.)

  • milk + honey


    Like a sweet escape, this effective, aluminum-free deodorant infused with coconut, vanilla and organic shea, will keep you feeling fresh all day long. (2.5 fl. oz.)

  • Plant Apothecary

    Wake Up Body Wash

    Lightly scented with organic essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass, which aromatherapists have traditionally used to stimulate and revive the mind and body. Use it to give yourself a little boost whenever you need it, whether it’s morning, noon or night. (1 fl. oz.)

  • RYOR

    Mattefying Lotion

    An innovative mattefying lotion with a unique composition based on organogel intended for daytime use. Its high content of microparticles creates a perfect matte and powdery finish without a sticky feeling. This light and easy to spread emulsion absorbs effectively while moisturizing the skin. (1.7 fl. oz.)

  • Vital Proteins

    Supplement Sample Pack

    This supplement sample pack includes both collagen beauty water supplements and collagen peptides. These are great for hair, skin and nails. The beauty waters also provide a great natural boost of energy. (2.08 oz. total)

On The Grind

A long day at work can leave your body and skin in need of a pick-me-up. Here’s our roundup of beauty wellness products that will give you just the burst of energy you need.

  • Beneath Your Mask

    Shea Butter Soufflé

    This nourishing, whipped skin soufflé contains anti-bacterial, anti-aging and antioxidant properties and has been formulated to hydrate and strengthen skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, treat eczema, reduce inflammation and protect skin cells. (1 fl. oz.)

  • HUM Nutrition

    Green Food Super Powder

    Raw Beauty is the ultimate beauty snack in a green powder. 39 beauty detox superfoods help improve your energy, support radiant skin and boost your metabolism. (8.5 oz.)

  • Live Botanical

    Moon Cycle Cream

    Moon Cycle Cream was created to help provide relief during your moon cycle. To be massaged into the abdomen or wherever you feel pain. The overall scent is mild with comforting results. (1 fl. oz.)

  • LUMIONSkin

    Oxygen Serum

    A lightweight oxygen-rich serum with HOCL smoothes fine lines, clarifies, purifies and illuminates your skin. (1.7 fl. oz.)

3-Happy Hour Time

The day is almost done, but you still need to make an appearance with friends! Freshen up with these replenishing essentials before heading out the door.


    Luxe Oil

    Deluxe styler made with opulent oils that fight frizz, add control and luster. Protects from heat -styling. Works with all hair textures. Gives striking smoothness, dramatic shine. Makes hair sparkle. (1.7 fl. oz.)

  • Aussie Bronze gives you a sexy tan NOW, with no down time and no developing time. Simply apply and walk out the door feeling sexy and tanned with your healthy glow! Vegan, Toxin free, DHA free! Smells great and washes off in your next shower! Made with natural ingredients, 100% Australian made & owned. Get Your Glow On! (1.3 fl. oz.)

  • One stop for total renewal, Complete Eye Cream addresses the most common enemies of eye aging: wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye circles, puffiness and loss of elasticity. (0.5 fl. oz.)

  • Raw Spirit

    Fragrance Sampler

    Raw Spirit is inspired by the energy, spirit, and connection to nature we continuously witness as we collaborate with some of the oldest and most marginalized communities around the world. Raw Spirit is about re-connecting with ourselves, with each other, and with nature. Find the perfect scent for you by sampling all seven of our fine fragrances. (0.15 fl. oz. total)

  • Teadora

    Anti-Pollution Mist

    A breath of fresh air to your skin. Mist on this blend of antioxidant-rich superfruit botanicals and a powerful actives complex crafted with hyaluronic acid, marine plankton, Aquasense and other actives. Protect your skin from the ravages of exercise, air travel, changing climates and pollution while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. (1.1 fl. oz.)

Relax & Unwind

It’s been a long day, beautiful. Time to unwind, reflect and reset. These products will remind you that self-care is the perfect way to prepare for another amazing day.

  • Ayuna


    This formula expands the potential benefits obtained from botanical ingredients by incorporating the science of Phyto-peptides and Plasmas Rich in Botanical Cell Factors. Phyto-peptidic Fractions from Turmeric Root and Centella help the skin maintain it’s regenerative abilities. This integral rejuvenating treatment melts onto the skin, leaving in its wake a soft evanescent film. (0.5 fl. oz.)

  • Prodjin

    Hair Loss Prevention Set

    Cleanse, condition, thicken and regrow hair with the PRODjin System. Shampoo Tknin cleanses and thickens the hair shaft, while Conditioner Revatalé moisturizes and feeds follicles growth stimulants. Follicle Stimulating Serum blocks DHT naturally, while nourishing the scalp and promoting regrowth. All three are fortified with the VA complex. (4.7 fl. oz. total)

  • Pur-lisse

    Mud Mask

    A 10 minute facial treatment designed with Blue Lotus Seeds, White Clay, Bamboo, Ginger, White Tea and Mushroom Extract. This miracle multi-tasker instantly brightens, detoxifies, tightens and soothes skin while providing gentle exfoliation. Our power blend improves skin texture and leaves it visibly youthful & glowing. (2.5 fl. oz.)

  • Seoul Mamas

    Sheet Mask

    The sheet mask is made from 100% bamboo material. The serums contain many beneficial ingredients such as caviar extract which has vitamins and minerals that are antioxidants. Hyaluronic acids help retain moisture. Apple and wild cherry fruit extract has vitamin C and antioxidants which brighten skin. Contains chamomile flower extract to reduce the appearance of dark spots from sun damage. (0.85 fl. oz.)

  • Source Vital

    Cleansing Water

    Micellar water is essentially a non-rinse, non-soapy cleanser that looks just like regular water. The magic is in the micells, tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water, that are essentially a magnet for dirt, grime and makeup. These micells draw out impurities without stripping skin or leaving behind harsh, irritating chemicals. The face is clean, fresh and hydrated without any greasy residue. (2.23 fl. oz.)



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