Best In Show 2018 Collection



We are thrilled to announce the final IBE Best In Show 2018 Winners! This is our largest and most luxurious winning collection to date that features full-size products from brands that exhibited at any of our 4 shows throughout 2018 – Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and London! Click here to see what our panel of 16 expert evaluators had to say about the products they tested and selected as the winners.


Included in the collection

  • Best Bar Soap

    Level Naturals

    Bar Soap in Grapefruit Bergamot

    This gentle body soap contains a zesty blend of grapefruit and bergamot that smells like a good mood feels. Pure plant oils and extracts help dissolve impurities and moisturize skin while all that fresh citrus aromatherapy gets you pumped to start the day. 5.8 oz / 164 g

  • Best Bath Product


    Loofah Soap in Green Tea Cucumber or Lavender Rain

    Cleanse, nourish, and scrub all at the same time! Coconut Oil and Glycerin keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. Glycerin is a natural humectant, so it's a substance that retains moisture, helping you keep your skin soft. Honey Belle slices the loofahs about an inch thick, and dips them into their soaps. 5 oz / 140 g

  • Best Body Moisturizer


    Retexturizing Body Butter

    This nourishing and hydrating body butter is made with exclusive Vibransea™ complex made with Aquabeautine XL® natural salmon enzymes. 6.07 oz / 190 g

  • Best Body Scrub


    Teatox Sugar Scrub

    Ultra gentle black scrub that detoxifies and hydrates the skin for a radiant glow. 100% Vegan and nature-derived. 8.5 oz / 251 ml

  • Best Clean Ingredient Brand

    Province Apothecary

    Full Brow Serum

    A powerful blend of active plant botanicals specially formulated to encourage stronger brows. The concentrated formula fortifies, thickens and conditions hairs from root to tip. 1 oz / 30 ml

  • Best Color Cosmetics

    Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics

    Beetroot Tint in Joy

    Long-lasting bright cherry red colour tint for cheeks and lips. Water-based formula featuring beetroot extracts that may nourish and hydrate skin. Rich in antioxidants, this healthy tint acts as a natural blush/stain and lasts all day. 0.15 oz / 4.5 ml

  • Best Deodorant

    Brother's Artisan Oil

    Magnesium Deodorant in Eucalyptus & Lime

    This effective stick deodorant relies on magnesium to control odor, organic arrowroot powder to absorb wetness, and kaolin clay to continually purify your pits. 3 oz / 12 ml

  • Best Eye Makeup

    Elate Cosmetics

    Pressed EyeColour n Earthen, Lithe or Lofty w/ compact

    With natural mineral pigments, organic jojoba oil and bamboo extract, these performance colours will last through your day (or night), while soothing the delicate skin around your eyes. 0.10 oz / 3 g

  • Best Eye Treatment

    Beauty By Earth

    Coffee Bean Eye Cream

    Enhanced with coffee seed extract, this cream will gently nourish the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving you looking bright, awake, and ready to take on the world. 0.75 oz / 0.75 oz

  • Best Face Mask


    Replenish Glow Mask

    A revitalizing facial mask that protects and recharges your skin to restore its luminosity. Warm and simple, yet unforgettable, you will long to use it again and again. Its aromas of incense and rosemary are reminiscent of tender family moments forever engraved in your memory. 5.07 oz / 150 ml

  • Best Facial Cleanser

    Code of Harmony (formerly Crave Skincare)

    War Paint Oil Cleanser

    This oil cleanser and make-up remover gently cleans without stripping skin or leaving a greasy layer on your face. 3.85 oz / 114 ml

  • Best Facial Moisturizer


    Rejuvenating Day Cream

    Clinically proven moisturizing face cream reduces fine lines, evens skin tone and improves skin elasticity to restore skin to its radiant appearance. 1.7 fl oz / 50 g

  • Best Facial Scrub

    O'o Hawaii

    Birdseed Detoxifying Face Scrub

    This face scrub exfoliates while stimulating collagen production and blood flow resulting in youthful, feather soft skin. 5.2 fl oz / 150 g

  • Best Facial Serum/Oil


    High Performance Anti-aging and Firming Serum

    A serum combining the safest and most potent ingredients to produce truly visible results without causing any breakouts. 1 oz / 30 ml

  • Best Foot Care

    Way of Will

    Foot and Shoe Spray

    All-natural coffee extract reduces foot inflammation while the natural antibacterial properties found in thyme essential oil keep even the most active feet and shoes free of odour caused by perspiration. 4.4 oz / 130 ml

  • Best Fragrance

    Flora Remedia

    Roller-ball Scent in Calm or Sleep

    This aromatic blend of essential oils helps melt away stress and worry to encourage a better night’s sleep. With oils like marjoram and chamomile, which are traditionally used in aromatherapy for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with sleeplessness, this is the perfect scent to unwind and relax. 0.3 oz / 10 ml

  • Best Gym Product

    Sweat Cosmetics

    Gleam On

    A super lightweight water- and sweat-resistant mineral illuminator with SPF 25 and all natural skin-friendly ingredients. The Mineral Illuminator powder combines finely milled highlighting powder, skincare, and sunscreen that protects and soothes active skin. 0.09 oz / 2.7 g

  • Best Hairstyling Product

    Eleni And Chris

    Dry Texturizing Shampoo

    Absorbes excess grease and impurities. Light dry shampoo that gives a freshly washed feeling and great volume. Refreshing and pleasant fragrance. 6.76 oz / 200ml

  • Best Hand Cream

    Elvis + Elvin

    Hand Cream in Driftwood & Sea Salt, Sage or Peach Violet scents

    This is a wonderful deep-therapy hand cream for rough and damaged hands. Thick and moisturizing, it repairs skin in dry and harsh weather with honeysuckle extract and organic herbal infusion. The lightweight texture leaves no residue but a fresh smell of plant. 2.5 oz / 75ml

  • Best Impulse Buy


    Hand Sanitizer Birdie

    2-in-1 natural hand sanitizer contains 350+ sprays plus 10 dry wipes. Complete with a locking mechanisim for no accidental sprays. .7 oz

  • Best Ingestible

    Hum Nutrition

    Glow Sweet Glow

    A hyaluronic acid gummy supplement with vitamin E and C to give you that ultimate glow. 11.5 oz / 60 Gummies

  • Best Lip Color


    Sculpted Lip Oil Tinted

    A silky, solid blend of organic cold-pressed Jojoba Oil and Butters that melt instantly onto lips to moisturize and nourish, with a conditioning layer of beauty-enhancing, buildable natural color. 0.1 oz / 3 g

  • Best Men's Grooming

    Big Boy

    Soothing Drops

    Made in Italy, these soothing drops are the ideal treatment for skin under the beard and as an aftershave. 1.01 / 30 ml

  • Best Nail Polish


    Nail Polish

    SpaRitual Nourishing Vegan Color 1-step formula features Red Tea & Seaweed Extract to help moisturize and revitalize nails. Adhesion promoters & shine additives eliminate the need for basecoat and topcoat. .5 oz / 15 ml

  • Best Oral Care

    Alka-White Mouthwash LLC.

    Alkaline Mouthwash Tablets

    ALKA-WHITE contains Baking Soda, Coconut oil, and natural essential oils and spices in a convenient, portable tablet form. Pieces of the tablet can be broken off and used directly in the mouth, or drop a whole tablet in warm water. (2) 99mm tubes with 15 tablets

  • Best Packaging Design

    Girl Undiscovered

    Pink Skies Beauty Balms

    Lips, cheekbones, cuticles, heels, rough patches - anywhere you need - are soothed, smoothed and softened with just a swirl from this little pot of pink. 0.5 oz / 13.5 ml

  • Best Shampoo/Conditioner


    Restorative Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner

    ErgoD2® stimulates cellular health through its cultivated blend of natural micronutrients and essential antioxidants with resultant quicker-growing, thicker, and healthier hair. 8 oz

  • Best Sheet Mask

    When Beauty

    Snow Magic

    The soft, jelly like mask sheet is made from coconut juice and is infused with light, comforting serum. When Snow Magic contains niacinamide and aloe vera leaf extract for brighter, glowing skin. 1 Mask

  • Best SPF

    Prep Cosmetics

    Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen

    A toxic-free sunscreen that protects and nourishes all skin types. Formulated with zinc oxide, the most protective filter from the sun. 3 oz / 90 ml

  • Best Unique Ingredient


    Radiance Eye Cream

    Infused with free-radical fighting Triphala (meaning three fruits), antioxidant rich Neem Oil and soothing Honey, this powerful Ayurvedic blend helps to fade dark circles and to smooth the appearance of fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes. 0.5 oz / 15 ml



This box is a careful curation of some of the most impressive brands across several categories that exhibited at our IBE 2018 shows.


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